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Wildlife Solutions and Pest Control

Wildlife Solutions and Pest Control

Wildlife Solutions and Pest Control

Locally-owned and operated in Greene County, Georgia, Wildlife Solutions & Pest Control is a fully licensed and bonded, family business, ready to provide you with humane wildlife control and removal. Owners Kevin McDougal and Denise Nelson are dedicated to serving the counties of Greene, Jasper, Putnam, and Morgan and the surrounding areas with experienced, affordable wildlife removal and now providing full-service pest control for all your household pests.
It’s clear that Wildlife Solutions & Pest Control cares about nature, because they prefer to relocate nuisance animals whenever they can, and they do not use pesticides on wildlife. They are also licensed and certified by Georgia’s Department of Natural Resources for trapping. They have expert, humane solutions to any pest or wildlife problem.
Whether a customer is being bothered by raccoons, snakes, squirrels, bats, rodents or insects, Wildlife Solutions can rid any home of uninvited pests. With expertise and a friendly attitude, they rescue their customers from the odor, disease, and property damage that nuisance animals can cause. They can also provide preventative services through pest control, encapsulation, and moisture barriers.

They provide free on-premise estimates and a guarantee that with their help, customers can enjoy a home that is free of wildlife and safe for family, friends, and pets. Wildlife Solutions and Pest Control is committed and very grateful to the community for their support and they continue to grow and expand.

Greene, Putnam, Jasper,
and Morgan Counties

(706) 817-8472

Operating Hours
Monday – Friday 9-5p